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Are you feeling more stress than ever and want a better way to manage it? Then you are in the right place at the right time. Your stress levels greatly impact your health, your relationships, work, family, and well being. You are very wise to invest in yourself so you can start making positive changes to improve the way you live and feel. It's time to stop merely surviving and start THRIVING!! This course will take you through some important steps in understanding your stress response and what you can do about softening our reactions to stress. I will show you how to start relearning HOW to relax and find inner peace. The first most important step in creating positive change is AWARENESS! Let's start becoming more aware of what are stressors are and how and where we feel them in our bodies. This step is key and very powerful! After learning more about the stress response we will dive into practices that help us with the relaxation response. It is vital to our health that we practice self care and learn tools to relax the nervous system. I am so excited for you and look forward to hearing from you during or after the course!! I am here to help, let me know what I can do to be of service! Let's dive in!

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