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4 week GROUP Hurry Up and Relax Bootcamp

4 week GROUP Hurry Up and Relax Bootcamp


Classes start soon!! Reserve your spot now!


Ready for HURRY UP and RELAX BOOTCAMP?  JOIN this awesome class  WITHA FRIEND OR PARTNER to learn how to be RESILIENT, less triggered by stress, and to feel more peace and calm within yourself and your home.  This class is geared for people who are short on time but eager to learn valuable tools to create the life they deserve!! This class consists of 4 weeks of amazing support via 60-90 minute weekly zoom class calls to start new routines that give you more energy to do all the things you love.  You will also recieve a pdf manual for the program and weekly assignments and accountability.  This class is packed with awesome tips, tools, and life changing thoughts!

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