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Let's take a quiz!
Are you curious about how your stress compares to others and what it means to your health?

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Take the quiz to learn more about YOURSELF and HOW you are managing your stress.

This quiz is designed to help you:

Pay attention to your stress warning signals as it is highly beneficial to your health!


Many of us aren't even aware of the different ways stress manifests in the body.   


Find out what your unique stress pattern is.  You may not even be aware of some of them.  Take a closer look! Enter your email above to access the quiz and results video.  


Take the quiz and watch the short video to see your results!

"Education breeds confidence.  Confidence breeds hope. hope breeds peace." ~ Confucius

Thanks for being here and investing your time!!

This wise investment will bring you more peace and joy!

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Hey There!

I'm Nicole Briggs...

If you are ready to make some positive changes and you want someone to hold your hand, encourage you, cheer you on, hold you accountable, and truly care then you will want to train with me.  

My passion for helping others runs deep in my spirit.  It brings me joy beyond anything hearing from a former student how different their life feels and how what I have taught them is often more impactful than years of therapy.

Love, happiness, peace, and joy are what I strive for! My hope is to help people bring more of that into their lives as well!


finding zen and joy offers online and live courses! 

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